Upcycle your used candle into something new!

We know it’s tempting, you finish your candle and without it’s smell you think ‘this is no use.’ But what if we told you it could be a new plant pot or makeup brush holder?

Here’s our steps to clean your candle vessel, and up-cycle it into something useful:

  1. Once your candle has 10mm left wax, it’s time to let it go. Blow your candle out and allow the wax to set hard.
  2. Fill your vessel with warm, soapy water and leave until the wax has risen to the top.
  3. Pop out the wax and wick, and dispose of accordingly.
  4. Give it one final wipe over and you have a wax-free vessel ready for upcycling.

Now’s the fun part, with the wax gone you can transform what once was a candle into home décor. You could do a makeup brush holder, cotton wool holder, pen pot, small plant holders and many more!

Here are ours…

Upcycle vessel into a pen holder



A Melbourne Candle turned into a decorative pen pot for my workshop.





Another Melbourne Candle turned into a makeup brush holder on my daughter’s dressing table. 



If you try, don’t forget to tag us or send us a photo so we can have a look!

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With love, Brackenbury Candles x